ADL: erorr

Praveen Singh praveenbt2004 at
Mon May 19 03:56:10 PDT 2008

Dear friends,
any help me that
I received an error saying
 " ERROR! energy is infinite"
 and another saying
 " ERROR! energy is not a number"
 in the autodock output file that's followed by a list
 of atoms in the ligand designated as INF or NaN. Why
 is this so? Though the errors are there, autodock is
 running fine.
 Someone asked on sidechains flexibility of protein
 during docking before and I understood that it's not
 possible with autodock but is it possible to have only
 a certain range of residues to have such flexibility?
 And if not, what other available docking softwares
 that would be able to do just that?
 please help how to ignore this error plzzzzzzzzzz
Praveen Kumar Singh
Deptt of Bioinformatics
NIT Bhopal

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