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Mon May 19 07:57:32 PDT 2008


I have the same error messages, could anyone please also help me?

Thank you

Anne Caniard

Quoting Praveen Singh <praveenbt2004 at>:

> Dear friends,
> any help me that
> I received an error saying
>  " ERROR! energy is infinite"
>  and another saying
>  " ERROR! energy is not a number"
>  in the autodock output file that's followed by a list
>  of atoms in the ligand designated as INF or NaN. Why
>  is this so? Though the errors are there, autodock is
>  running fine.
>  Someone asked on sidechains flexibility of protein
>  during docking before and I understood that it's not
>  possible with autodock but is it possible to have only
>  a certain range of residues to have such flexibility?
>  And if not, what other available docking softwares
>  that would be able to do just that?
>  please help how to ignore this error plzzzzzzzzzz
> --
> Praveen Kumar Singh
> Deptt of Bioinformatics
> NIT Bhopal
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