ADL: Autodock Utilities

Magnus Matz m.matz at
Mon May 26 09:17:01 PDT 2008

Hi everybody,

i'm workin with AutoDock4 for 3 Weeks now and read lots of HowTo's and 
Instructions, mainly about Autodock3. As i read, i can convert my *.dlg 
to *.pdb with the awk script "dockedtopdb" or using the command 
"get-docked" from Autodock Utilities. The Problem is, i can't find any 
utilities on and in my installation folder, 
nor ADT or AutoDock4. Can anybody help me to find/get these? What is the 
common way to convert my *.dlg to *.pdb or any other datefile?

Thanks for your help,

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