ADL: FW: not working in linux

Dick Harper rwharper43 at
Fri May 30 14:39:26 PDT 2008

I am having a similar problem.  I have basically tried all methods of
installation.  The most successful was the MGLTools-1.5.1-Linux-x86-install.
I got icons and Vision works.  However, I am able to get ADT or PMV to run.
I am installing under Ubuntu 8.0.4.  It is presumably using my
Everything seems to go alright, but PMV does not start. I just get the
initial splash screen, then it dies.  I have to restart to get rid of the
splash screen (actually, I can Kill the process).  If it would be helpful, I
can capture the error text and send it.  It seems to be having trouble
finding the libraries.
Last call cannot find libstdc++.xo.5
Other errors seem to relate to geoutils and DejaVu.
Thanks for any suggestions you can provide,
Dick Harper
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Praveen Singh wrote:
> i have completly install the autodock to linux but it is not wokrking.
> vision is corectly working. so please help me to this
> i want this to virtual screening so please help me to develop it to linux
> for this
> it is fine in windows but don't know to how to do virtual screenig ...

please help the list by mentioning the Linux distribution you
are using. It would furthermore be helpful to know about how
you have installed autodock. Have you compiled it yourself?
More importantly it would be good to learn about the exact
error message that you experienced. Or are you referring to
the AutoDockTools?

AutoDock is distributed with the upcoming stable release of
Debian, aka Lenny, which you can already install today as


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