ADL: Current Selected residues have no Active torsions

ishwar chandra ramramic at
Wed Apr 1 12:54:52 PDT 2009

Hello Autodockers, Greetings to all the Members
I use ADT 4 & was trying to dock the mutated protein with the ligand.
I  mutated a protein using SwissModel server and tried to dock my ligand
with the mutated one. I edited the hydrogen & added Gasteiger Charges to it,
and selected the mutated residue in the select option & tried to select
choose torsions in currently selected Residue from the Flexible Residue
Option. But it showed Current selected residues have no active torsions.
Can I interprate  from this that that the Mutation is at all not allowing
space for the ligand to work on the protein as the without Mutated protein
(original one) showed a good binding energy with the same ligand in -9 range
Please reply if some one knows.
I Thank You all for ur previous helps

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