ADL: Autodoc Vina problem!

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Thu Apr 2 02:27:03 PDT 2009

hey ,
can anyone tell me how to interpret the vina results
i mean after we get all the ligand_out files how are they different and how to analyse??


When you prepare conf.txt file, give the file name as conf only and proceed the command, vina.exe --config conf.txt
try it.


> Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 17:54:43 -0600
> From: wmenezes at
> To: autodock at
> Subject: ADL: Autodoc Vina problem!
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> Dear Dr. Oleg,
> Thanks very much for your prompt response!  The tutorial is great!
> Now I get the following error when I enter, 
> vina.exe --config conf.txt
> Error is: could not open conf for reading
> I am using windows XP and the conf.txt was created using notepad.  I have attached it with this email.  Also this file is in the Vina directory.
> Thanks!
> Warren

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