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I am considering an experimental design that would perform virtual
screening using flexible receptors. I've already setup a good system
using the mgltools scripts. Now I am considering the flexible
receptors. When you prepare a flexible receptor you need to specify
which residues should be flexible. I am wondering if there are any
approaches to picking these receptors that would lend themselves to


On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 5:39 AM, Riad Schulz <rschulz at> wrote:
> Hi Manishi,
> use the MGLToolsPckgs from
> There are some utilities like, ...
> (usage should be self-explaining).
> hope this helps
> Riad Schulz
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>> Dear Sir/Madam,
>> I am a graduate student at Indian Institute of Information Technology,
>> Allahabad, India. I am working upon Autodock for an academic report. For
>> the
>> purpose, I have to do Flexible docking between ligand and protein, and the
>> number of these molecules is quite high. I referred to Virtual Screening
>> tutorial. The tutorial suggest to generate files for the Autogrid and
>> AutoDock using ADT for individual protein which is not a feasible task as
>> the number of receptors for my work are quite high. Is there any other
>> method through which we could automate the generation of files for
>> Autodock
>> and Autogrid also. Kindly give me appropriate suggestions
>> Looking forward for the reply.
>> Manishi Pandey
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