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If you have a molecular visualizer, you can easily find out the atom
naming for those residues. OD1 and OE2 are carboxylate oxygens from
Asp and Glu, respectively. HE is most likely the hydrogen attached to
the nitrogen epsilon of the guanidinium moiety of Arg.


On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 11:08 AM, ishwar chandra <ramramic at> wrote:
> dear Dockers greetings
> In show interaction i got result like this
> tar_rigid:ARG156:HH22: Lig::UNK1:O,O
> tar_rigid:ARG156:HE:lig::UNK1:O,O
> lig::UNK1:H:Tar-rigid:A:ASP151:OD1
> lig::UNK1:H; Tar-rigid:GLU227:OE2
> Can someone help me to interpret these what is the meaning of OD1, OE2 , HE
> Thanks
> Ishwar
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