ADL: constants.h error(MAX_RECORDS)

sarah karma crimsonflower at
Tue Apr 7 10:37:38 PDT 2009

when running Autodock4 in ADT, i recive this error:
"2530 records read in, but only dimensioned for 2048
change "MAX_RECORDS" in "*constants.h*"."

i found such file in autodocksuite/src/autodock-4.0.1, changed max_records
to several numbers but again i recieve the same error after running. how
should i fix it?
actually i've seen this link:*constants.h*

but i can't understand what i should do exactly. i open python shell (i just

know that .*h files are written by C language) then i dunno how to change
the directory so i tried to open the file. after that i changed MAX_RECORDS
and copied it to run in python shell having some errors($ IDL *constants.h*
.... $: invalid syntax, ./: invalid syntax) so i put #! instead of "./" and
ognored the first one("$") saved it in the directory in autodock4.0,
autodock 4 and autogrid forders. reinstalled ADT, i recieved the error

would one explain me in detail since i dunno much 'bout python shell.
tancks alot.

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