ADL: 2d to 3d conversion of structures

shankar ramesh rameshs.chem at
Wed Apr 8 03:14:14 PDT 2009

to convert 2d co-ordinate to 3d- by using Prodrug Server (
Draw 2d stru. in Chemskech and save as in mol* form
open with notepad and copy and past in prodrug server give the full charges
and then Run prodrug

Thanking you

On 4/8/09, raghu bhagavat <rag_vocal at> wrote:
> Hi all..........
> I wanna know softwares for conversion of 2d to 3d co-ord
> structures...........
> I have a database of 1500 ligands and it s in 2d format........
> I came across Corina, Concord softwares..........but for command line
> (scriptable) operations it is not suitable..........Suggest me a good
> server/software wherein i can submit all my structures at once to get the 3d
> co-ords of the same
> Thanks in advance
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