ADL: error in constants.h

Daniel Jana dfjana at
Mon Apr 13 12:20:42 PDT 2009

Hello Sarah,

sarah karma wrote:
> thanks for replying. no. mine is windows xp. i dunno how to recompile it. i
> used cygwin as you said before but it was useless. one point is that i
> deleted all constants.h files from my computer and run docking again. it
> gave me the same error again but what did the program use when all the
> constants.h files are deleted? thanks.

The file constants.h is used during compilation of a new version of 
autodock. Simply changing the file and rerunning with the same binaries 
as before won't do a thing. You have to recompile it otherwise the limit 
will always be the same.


PS - Likewise, deleting the files doesn't help at all. It will only give 
you problems when you want to recompile.

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