ADL: error in constants.h

bagdevi.mishra at bagdevi.mishra at
Mon Apr 13 23:12:05 PDT 2009

As I can guess, you have downloaded the binary version of the
autodock4 from the scripps site. You need to do as I had load long
time back in this thread. first delete your present autodock4 from
your machine for no further confusion. then go to scripps site and
download the source code for the autodock ( do not download the binary
, remember this). after you download the source code, unzip it and you
will get a directory,  look for the constant.h in that directody.
change it according to ur need. then do the compilation as instructed
in the README file or in the INSTALL file inside that directory. after
you finish this work, you will get a autodock4 executable binary file
for your work, use that for ye docking work.

hope it clarifies.

Bagdevi Mishra.

On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 10:36 AM, sarah karma <crimsonflower at> wrote:
>  ok. thanks but would one tell me how to recmpile it? should i use cygwin or
> the python shell and what are the things i should enter?
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