ADL: Problem to install ADT

Sargis Dallakyan sargis at
Wed Apr 15 15:35:55 PDT 2009

> HI, my name is Angel Perez-Lara,
> I am new in this of using Linux and Autodock.
> I installed Autodock in windows, but some people told me that is better 
> install it in Linux.
> But when I try it the console say to me this:
> angel at angel-laptop:~$ chmod +x MGLTools-1.5.2-Linux-x86-Install
> angel at angel-laptop:~$ ./MGLTools-1.5.2-Linux-x86-Install
> TclError: Togl: couldn't get visual
> Please include this Traceback in your bug report. Help --> Report a Bug 
> in PMV/ADT.

Hi Angel Pérez-Lara,

This is a graphics card driver related issue:

We are aware of it, and presently, the only available solution is to 
install graphics driver from your graphics card manufacturer:

Thank you for using our tools,


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