ADL: PyRx - minor problems

Mark Swingle mswingle at
Thu Apr 16 14:02:52 PDT 2009

Crossposting here as the MGL forum seems to be a ghost town.....

I haven't really had time to try it out yet but PyRx looks like it's going to 
be a wonderful tool. Thank you!

I ran into two small issues after installation (on Debian Lenny).......first:

env was in /usr/bin, not in /bin (isn't it in /usr/bin for most linux 
distros?!?) so it was necessary to change the first line of from

#!/bin/env sh


#!/usr/bin/env sh

Second was a deficiency of my linux installation - I didn't have a 32-bit 
version of libsqlite3 installed. People using 64-bit distros should make sure 
that they have ia32-libs installed and have 32-bit versions of any necessary 
libraries in /emul least until a 64-bit version of PyRx becomes 



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