ADL: How to proceed further??

ishwar chandra ramramic at
Fri Jan 2 03:46:15 PST 2009

Hello everyone please see the following I did upto here now how should i
open adt from the cygwin terminal.

ADT runs on Windows, out of the box.

Download the AutoGrid and AutoDock binaries for Cygwin: they are called
autogrid4.exe and autodock4.exe (or autogrid3.exe and autodock3.exe,
depending on which version you downloaded). For AutoDock 4, you will
download a file called 'autodocksuite-4.0.1-i86Cygwin.tar.gz'; choose to
"Save to Disk" if asked, and save it to your Desktop. Open a Cygwin terminal
and type this:


 This will tell you what your username is. In the next command change
YOUR_USERNAME to whatever whoami says your username is:

      cd /cygdrive/c/Documents\ and\ Settings/YOUR_USERNAME/Desktop

 Now extract the files from the .tar.gz file:

      tar xvzf autodocksuite-4.0.1-i86Cygwin.tar.gz

 These are in the directory bin/i86Cygwin. Copy the AutoGrid 4 and AutoDock
4 .exe files to the /usr/local/bin directory, by typing the following at the
Cygwin terminal:

     cd i86Cygwin
     cp autodock4.exe /usr/local/bin
     cp autogrid4.exe /usr/local/bin

 or for AutoGrid 3 and AutoDock 3:

     cp autodock3.exe /usr/local/bin
     cp autogrid3.exe /usr/local/bin

 Now open a new Cygwin terminal, and type:

      which autodock4

 or for AutoDock 3:

      which autodock3

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