ADL: A Question about autodock tools

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Fri Jan 2 18:24:12 PST 2009

Hi guys,

I am Scarlett, a student working on the protein interactions between the HER2 protein and the FMM ligand. So I downloaded the protein (1xkk) and the ligand and started to work on ADT. I found the residue that I wanted to work with. I made a flexible residue file as well as a rigid residue file of the protein. However, as I am preparing my grid parameter file, and my docking parameter file, an error comes up when I open the rigid file. It says "empty string for float" and other errors that say something about babel. I can't run autogrid4. I am freaking out, because I have to give in a paper on January 5th! Come on guys, use all your brain power! I tried to put the file in a different folder, and many times I re-created the files. Please tell me something that I did not do yet. I'm kinda in a hole, more like a canyon. 

Thanks alot!

>From Scarlett

working with professor Jonathan Gough at Long Island University in New York City.

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