ADL: cannot install ADT on linux. PLease help

Steffen Moeller moeller at
Thu Jan 8 02:55:16 PST 2009


Chinh Su Tran To wrote:
> I installed AutodockTools (MGLTools) on Linux. Everything is ok, but when i
> started to run, it happened an error as "X-Server has no OpenGL extension".
> Please show me any solution to solve it. I tried to search on internet, but
> it did not help. Please note that i cannot reinstall my server.

to me it sounds as if you just cannot start any OpenGL application and that the problem is
invariant of the AutoDockTools. I suggest to get a local Linux champ over to check. If you
cannot work on your server yourself, then it migth possibly be easiest to buy a new laptop
with a preinstalled Linux from Dell or elsewhere.



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