ADL: cannot install ADT on linux. PLease help

Chinsu chinh.sutranto at
Fri Jan 9 03:56:28 PST 2009

yup, maybe your guess is right.

Im running Windows, but using X-Manager to operate the Linux on the
IBMcluster. I tried to install the ADT coz i am not familiar so much in
command lines. The set-up process was smooth, nothing wrong warned, but when
i run ADT, it got errored.

i am really confused of the solution you showed me about tranfering the data
from windows to linux to run autogrid/autodock. Can you make it more clear?

Thanks so much for your help.

Steffen Moeller-2 wrote:
> Hi Chinsu,
> Chinsu wrote:
>> But the server here means the computer cluster i am using in my lab. The
>> problem will not either be solved for another laptop coz i am running the
>> server through my pc.
> I need to guess a bit what you mean. You rn the MGLTools via X forwarding,
> i.e. you run
> some Windows OS and have the Linux display shown to your local screen? In
> that case, the
> dysfunct OpenGL does not come overly much to a surprise. And indeed I
> would not have an
> idea about how to fix that setup, but ...
>> Thanks if you give me another hint.
> ... if I understood your situation correctly, then you can be helped.
> I suggest to install the MGLTools on your Windows machine. Other than
> autodock, the
> mgltools are available natively for Windows. You then work locally and
> peacefully on your
> setup and once that is completed, you transfer all the files to the Linux
> machine to run
> autogrid and the docking.
> Hoping to have helped
> Steffen
>> Steffen Moeller-2 wrote:
>>> Chinh Su Tran To wrote:
>>>> I installed AutodockTools (MGLTools) on Linux. Everything is ok, but
>>>> when
>>>> i
>>>> started to run, it happened an error as "X-Server has no OpenGL
>>>> extension".
>>>> Please show me any solution to solve it. I tried to search on internet,
>>>> but
>>>> it did not help. Please note that i cannot reinstall my server.
>>> to me it sounds as if you just cannot start any OpenGL application and
>>> that the problem is
>>> invariant of the AutoDockTools. I suggest to get a local Linux champ
>>> over
>>> to check. If you
>>> cannot work on your server yourself, then it migth possibly be easiest
>>> to
>>> buy a new laptop
>>> with a preinstalled Linux from Dell or elsewhere.
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