ADL: Can't find or open AD4.1_bound.dat

Maura Catherine Mooney mmooney05 at
Mon Jan 12 01:52:23 PST 2009

Hi all,

I have a question regarding AD4.1_bound.dat.  On my ubuntu machine I have installed MGLTools1.5.2 and autodock/autogrid.  When I attempt to submit a docking it runs for a few seconds then hangs on the following error:

Sorry, I can't find or open AD4.1_bound.dat

Autogrid runs and completes successfully but autodock doesn't.  Interestingly enough, this error also occurs on my XP machine which has the same  version of MGLTools (1.5.2). I noticed a post regarding this and it mentioned a simple upgrade should fix the problem.  I attempted an upgrade of this on my XP machine using the Update Manager 1.5.2 which updated to the 2008/11/19 tested build.  When I attempt to run the same .dpf file I get the exact same error, hanging just after the following output of the tail command.

DPF> outlev 1                             # diagnostic output level


        Output every 100 generations.

DPF> parameter_file AD4.1_bound.dat       # parameter library filename 

Sorry, I can't find or open AD4.1_bound.dat
Using read_parameter_library

I would be most grateful if someone could suggest some further assistance and a possible fix to the problem.  It may be useful to note that this same installation of autodock/ADT on the XP worked a few months ago and to my knowledge nothing has been changed (except the use of different input files).

Looking forward to any replies.



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