ADL: I need information about 3D glasses using ADT

Miguel Quiliano Meza qilime at
Thu Jan 15 15:01:36 PST 2009

Dear ATD developers and Dockers

I am a frequently user of autodock4, I use ADT 1.5.2 to achieve my works.

ADT 1.5.2 has the option of work with "shutter glasses". My doubts are:

does anyone in the comunity have experience using 3D glasses with ADT? if it, what kind of glasses? working in linux or windows?

I am interested in buy a kit of GeForce 3D Vision Bundle (The Ultimate Stereoscopic 3D bundle for PC, by the way.. this package only works in windows).

 As you know technical features are important, Can ADT 1.5.2 work with these 3D glasses or similars?

I would be very grateful if you can help me with opinions or advices.

thanks in advance.

Miguel Quiliano
Bioinformatics Unit.


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