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Chandra Sekhar chandrasekhar.m at
Wed Jan 28 02:34:33 PST 2009

As you analyze docking results (Menu: Analyze), you
can select the interesting cluster (Cluster->show), after selecting
the cluster you can play to see different conformations that co-clustered.

E.g., say second cluster has 6 members,
the first confirmation will have the label 2_1, similarly till 2_6. Then
you can click the "&" symbol button to save "Write Complex".


On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 1:31 PM, ishwar chandra <ramramic at> wrote:
> Hi All;
> I would like to know how can we save the docked structure of protein &
> ligand after docking
> i tried to save it like this
> File-->Save-->Current Session(file format .pdb)
> so as to save it in pdb format & 2 c the structure where it has formed
> different bondings in pymol or chimera
> i am unable to open the saved structure in pymol as it shows nothing.
> Please reply soon if anyone knows. Thank you all
>  regards
> Ishwar
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