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Hi Ram,

if you have a linux console just type 

grep 242 yourfile.pdb > yourfile.txt

That gives you all the entries that contain the number 242 and puts them into
a file called yourfile.txt. Then delete all the waters from the pdb file and
copy the line that contains your desired water molecule from yourfile.txt to
yourfile.pdb by simple copy and paste.



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hello sir/madam...

i am new user of autodock 4. while operating this software i  am facing
problem like........"how is it possible to delete all lines of the pdb file
that conatain coordinates of water except that contain 242 numbered water

what is the way to operate text editor used to do the above netion process/."

Plz kindly reply me so i can proceed my work efficiently.,,,,

ram babu tripathi
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