ADL: Missing Map Error

Keith Gallagher kgallagher at
Mon Jun 29 12:03:50 PDT 2009

Hello All:

My research laboratory has recently begun using AutoDock, and we've run into
a problem we can't seem to figure out.  When docking a ligand into a larger
enzyme, the AutoGrid runs smoothly and produces a series of map files.
However, when AutoDock is started, the process immediately terminates and
produces the following error:

"MISSING MAP ERROR:  Number of maps 7 does not match number expected for 7
ligand types."

The line in the .dpf file that begins "ligand_types" reads "ligand_types A C
NA OA S SA HD N," but this particular AutoGrid run did not produce a C or N
map.  Could this have something to do with the problem?  And if so, how can
we fix this?  We were able to get the docking to run, but only by removing C
and N from the ligand_types line -- which seems like it would be a bad
thing.  Any suggestions would be appreciated -- and the simpler the
terminology, the better, because we're complete newbies.

Thank you,

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