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naga vignesh naga.vignesh at
Sun Oct 4 21:01:03 PDT 2009

Dear Sir/Madam ,

    I have prepared few questions about docking software.I need your support
on this issue. So, please all of you  answer this questions.

1.Can you list out the known commercial and Open Source softwares for

2. What are the docking softwares (commercial/open source) you are using?
3.Is there any specific reason for using that software?

4.How many hours it is needed to do minimum 100 dockings? Or any rough idea
on that with your docking software.

5.Do you think, reducing the processing time is needed in your software?

6. Your name and designation?

Thanks for spending your valuable time to answer the questions.

with regards
s.naga vignesh

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You will get best  what it has.

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