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> Dear users
> I have 2 libraries of ligands and proteins(50 ligands and 50 proteins)
> and I am interested to dock all ligands to all proteins.
> It seems to me that I have 2 solutions for this problem:
> 1- I have to *dock each ligand to all proteins* and repeat this process for
> *all ligands*
> 2-I have to *dock each protein to all ligands* and repeat this process for
> *all
> proteins*
> Which one is possible and easier with Autogrid and Autodock?
> Note: each protein have only one Active site,So all ligands will dock to
> the same Active site
> Please let me know how can I solve this problem
> Do you know any tutorial related to this problem?
> Thanks in advance for your ideas
> Best
> Mohsen
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