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Stefano Forli forli at
Wed Nov 2 11:59:30 PDT 2011


how do you installed AutoDock (and AutoGrid?). Did you use the Ubuntu package manager 
installation or you did it manually?

When you say you are executing the program, do you mean inside AutoDockTools or from the 
command line?

To make a test, try to open a terminal and type in "autogrid4 -v" (without quotes) and see 
if there is any output.

I would suggest you to use the Ubuntu package manager installation method so you are sure 
you are installing a 64 bit version of the program, then make the test on the terminal and 
see if it fixes the problem.


On 11/02/2011 06:21 AM, Safia wrote:
> Dear Autodock users,
> I am trying to run Autogrid4 in a core i7-930 (64 bits) computer using
> ubuntu 10.10. After trying to execute the Autogrid program I have the
> following message: cannot execute binary file.
> I precise that I do not have this problem with computer less efficient
> using ubuntu 9.
> Any suggestion would be appreciated.
> Many Thanks
> safia Kellou
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