ADL: autodock4_ligand_error

Samia Tariq tsamia1989 at
Mon Oct 31 23:29:53 PDT 2011

I run Autodock4 for finding protein-protein interactions and i got this error. Auto-grid run successfully but autodock cause problem.If anyone knows this problem please help me.

DPF> move Ligand.pdbqt                    # small molecule
1,4-interactions will be _ignored_ in the non-bonded internal energy calculation.
Ligand PDBQT file = "Ligand.pdbqt"
autodock4: ERROR: ERROR: 3916 records read in, but only dimensioned for 2048.Change "MAX_RECORDS" in "constants.h".autodock4: Aborting...
autodock4: Unsuccessful Completion.

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