ADL: Compiling AutoDock on ubuntu

Chieyeon Chough firethun at
Tue Feb 14 00:00:32 PST 2012

I use Autodock 4.2.3 in Debian Squeeze.
I had a same problem in compiling source.
However I overcome it by some tricks.
I think the reason for the problem is 'csh'.
The trick is below:
1. ./configure

2. Edit 'Makefile'
line 1176
csh $(srcdir)/paramdat2h.csh $(srcdir)/AD4_parameters.dat
$(srcdir)/AD4.1_bound.dat > $@
tcsh $(srcdir)/paramdat2h.csh $(srcdir)/AD4_parameters.dat
$(srcdir)/AD4.1_bound.dat > $@

3. make

4. make install

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