ADL: Query Regarding Analysis of Autodock Vina Results

Preeti Singh singhpreeti236 at
Thu May 17 02:35:31 PDT 2012

Respected Sir,

I am Preeti Singh from CSIR-IICT, India. I am using your Autodock Vina for
Virtual Screening of my Ligands.
I am getting the Binding Affinity values given in Log file and also I am
getting the Out.pdbqt files. But could you please tell me how should I
analyse the interaction betwwen the protein and the ligand..? how can I
visualise the interaction between my protein's active site and Ligand bind
to it..?
Please help me out.

Awaiting your response

*Preeti Singh*
*ACB student,*
*IICT(CSIR), Hyderabad*

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