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Wolf-D. Ihlenfeldt wdi at
Thu May 31 10:02:43 PDT 2012

PubChem is an aggregator database. It does not, and never has, curated the
structure records, which are all provided by external data depositors.

In case of cemadotin, there are 6 depositors which all sent the same
structure, and presumably still have the same data in their original
databases: LeadScope, NextBio, NovoSeek, ChemIDPlus, ABIChem, and,
ironically, ChemSpider (the guys who are always quick to claim that their
structures are superior because they curate - sometimes). Fixing the record
in PubChem would not achieve anything. Links to those 6 data depositors can
be found on the SID section of the PubChem detail page. After they have
fixed their original data, this will be tracked by PubChem. 

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