ADL: Autodock Tools stopped working after I registered.

Richard Friedman friedman at
Thu Oct 11 10:08:33 PDT 2012

Dear Autodock Tools list,

	I am using mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4 in MacOS 10.7.5.
I had neglected to register (I had registered previously on a
PC). Finally the program no longer gave me the "Remind me
later option). I registered. Then I no longer got the graphic
user interface. I received the following error message
in the python windowL

ccrfml1:~ friedman$ /Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/bin/adt ; exit;
Starting X11
setting PYTHONHOME environment
Run AutoDockTools from /Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/MGLToolsPckgs/AutoDockTools
Resource file used to customize PMV: /Users/friedman/.mgltools/1.5.4/Pmv/_pmvrc
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/MGLToolsPckgs/AutoDockTools/", line 373, in runADT
    title=title, withShell= not interactive, verbose=False)
  File "/Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/MGLToolsPckgs/Pmv/", line 315, in __init__
    verbose=verbose, trapExceptions=trapExceptions)
  File "/Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/MGLToolsPckgs/ViewerFramework/", line 345, in __init__
  File "/Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/MGLToolsPckgs/ViewerFramework/", line 277, in __init__
    cnf = {"addScenarioButton": False})
  File "/Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/MGLToolsPckgs/DejaVu/", line 587, in __init__
    c = apply(Viewer.AddCamera, (self, master, screenName,classCamera), kw)
  File "/Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/MGLToolsPckgs/DejaVu/", line 278, in AddCamera
    c = apply( classCamera, (master, screenName, self, len(self.cameras)), kw)
  File "/Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/MGLToolsPckgs/DejaVu/", line 4806, in __init__
    check, cnf), **kw)
  File "/Applications/mgltools_i86Darwin9_1.5.4/MGLToolsPckgs/DejaVu/", line 1603, in __init__
    Tkinter.Widget.__init__(self, self.frame, 'togl', cnf, kw)
  File "/mgl/python/releases/i86Darwin9/python2.5/lib/python2.5/lib-tk/", line 1930, in __init__
    (widgetName, self._w) + extra + self._options(cnf))
TclError: Togl: couldn't get visual
hit enter to continue

I restarted the Mac but still had the same problem.

Is there a way I can solve this problem without reinstalling?
Should I reinstall mgl-tools?
Is there anything I should do aside from throwing out the old mglt-tools too prepare for the new version?

Thanks and best wishes,
Richard A. Friedman, PhD
Associate Research Scientist,
Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource
Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center (HICCC)
Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI)
Educational Coordinator,
Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (C2B2)/
National Center for Multiscale Analysis of Genomic Networks (MAGNet)
Room 824
Irving Cancer Research Center
Columbia University
1130 St. Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10032
(212)851-4765 (voice)
friedman at

In memoriam, Ray Bradbury

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