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Fri Jun 7 02:01:22 PDT 2013

Just get one sdf file and perform docking with that only. And you can do
this by opening this sdf file in different visualization softwares like
Chimera and Pymol and by just using Save As option. Save them as mol2 or
pdb format and here you go...

Hope this help..
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On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 5:49 AM, Saiful Alam <hira_78646 at> wrote:

> hlw
> i have downloaded all the ligands from pubchem.those ligands(.sdf Files)
> are batch files.
> i hav faced problems by performing docking with these batch i
> operate this without explicit???
> can anyone help me by providing suggesion about these problem??
> regards
> saiful
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