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I recently obtained docking results from Vina. When I viewed them in Pymol, a bond was missing between two carbons. I thought this was a bug with Vina, but they suggested that there was no problem, that Pymol is just not showing the bond because the bond distances changed. Is there a way to include the bond? Also, they suggested that there may have been a problem with the way Autodock tools interpreted the ligand. I have attached the ligand and ligand output pdbqt files from autodock and vina. Please see email exchange below.

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> I recently downloaded autodock_vina_1_1_2_win32.msi. I had 'success'

>> running vina with my receptor file mEH_Y113H139 and my ligand file

>> DB89epoxide (both pdbqt files were created from pdb files using

>> Autodock tools). The ligand looks fine in the pdbqt file, but in the

>> output file from vina, the docked molecules have changed (a carbon-carbon single bond appears to be removed).

>> Please advise.

>> Thank you,


>> Elizabeth

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:46 PM, Oleg Trott <ot14 at<mailto:ot14 at>> wrote:

> Hi


> I looked at your intput molecule in a text editor. It consists of two

> rigid parts: one containing 3 atoms, and another containing 22 atoms.

> These are connected by a rotatable bond.


> The reason you see an extra bond in only one of the two cases is that

> the rotatable bond rotated and some of the distances changed. If you

> are viewing the files in Pymol, it simply tries to guess whether there

> is a bond based on the interatomic distances, so the visualization is

> misleading -- it's not a bug in Vina.


> If you have any further AutoDock Vina-related questions, please

> consider asking them on the AutoDock mailing list and/or in the forum:



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> --

> Oleg Trott, Ph.D. (Columbia University)


> Staff Scientist in the Olson Lab

> The Scripps Research Institute



By the way, the 3-atom rigid fragment contains two carbons that are marked "aromatic". My guess is that MGLTools was wrong here. You may want to report it here: or in the mailing list (see previous email).


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