ADL: Problem with Docking calcium salicylate

جاسم غالب مهدي jmahdi at
Wed Dec 10 08:27:22 PST 2014


I would be grateful if you could help me sorting out the problem phasing
with docking of calcium salicylate with the receptor, pdb 6COX. I am using
AutoDock Tool Version 1.5.6 Jun_07_13.

Various error occur mainly Run AutoGrid in which autogrid4 could not be
found to brows. The main problem is that calcium salicylate dissociates.
Calcium ion disappears while the two molecules of salicylate interact with
different part of the receptor.

I will be happy to set up collaboration with anyone who could help me
acquire more experience in running Autodock. His/her name will be added to
2 available manuscripts.

Thank you for your help.



*Dr Jassem Mahdi*
*College of Medicine*
*Shaqra University,*
*Saudi Arabia*

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