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Stefano Forli forli at
Mon Dec 15 10:16:46 PST 2014

Hi Rahoul,

I don't think this is the proper way to do the installation. I recommend using the 
installer, i.e. one of the files that come with the '_Install' suffix in this page (left 

Otherwise, if you want to use the tar.gz file (right column) you should decompress the 
file, cd into the directory that gets created and run the installer shell script 
specifying the directory where you want to install:

   tar zxf mgltools_x86_64Linux2_1.5.6.tar.gz
   cd mgltools_x86_64Linux2_1.5.6

Hope this helps,


On 12/10/2014 07:14 PM, rahul sarma wrote:
> Hello all,
>     I want to install MGL Packages in my fedora machine. I run ./
> after performing the initial steps. It terminates saying that :
> Python installed, please wait for the rest of MGLTools to be installed
> Running /home/md/autodoc-vina/
> mgltools/mgltools_i86Linux2_1.5.6/bin/python Tools/
> Installing  MGLPackages
> Installing files from MGLToolsPckgs .tar.gz
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "Tools/", line 56, in <module>
>      tf ='.tar.gz', 'r:gz')
>    File
> "/home/md/autodoc-vina/mgltools/mgltools_i86Linux2_1.5.6/lib/python2.5/",
> line 1168, in open
>      return func(name, filemode, fileobj)
>    File
> "/home/md/autodoc-vina/mgltools/mgltools_i86Linux2_1.5.6/lib/python2.5/",
> line 1208, in gzopen
>      raise CompressionError("gzip module is not available")
> tarfile.CompressionError: gzip module is not available
>     How can I solve this problem?
> With regards,
> Rahul
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