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Maybe you have the files placed in another folder. I had the same problem when I began to use AutoDockTools.
I made as follows
 1. I installed ADT in the foolder asked by the program.
2. When I created the working files, I let the program choose where to keep them (IMPORTANT because ADT selects a different folder).
3. When the programs asks for autodock.exe (or autogrid.exe) give the correct path.
4. For the remaining files also provide the correct paths (this path in not normally the same path that the *.ese files).
I hope this will be useful for you.

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I'm new to autodock
I'm trying to run autodock4 with protein 1hsg following the tutorials:
Using AutoDock 4 and AutoDock Vina with AutoDockTools: A Tutorial.
After preparing two 'pdbqt' files for protein and receptor and a 'gpf'
file, i couldn't start autogrid 4. This is the message:

C:/Program Files/MGLTool-1.5.6/autogrid4.exe: Sorry, i can't find or open
Grid Parameter File "C:/Program"
C:/Program Files/MGLTool-1.5.6/autogrid4.exe: Unsuccessful Completion

As far as i know, i should put all file pdbqt, gpf, autodock4.exe and
autogrid4.exe into one folder, even in the same folder as pmv.bat file.
Whatever way i tried,  i still received the same failure.
Please tell me what the problems are and how to fix them.
Thanks in advance.
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