ADL: Error grid parameter file

Dương Trịnh Ngọc ngocduong2712 at
Wed Feb 26 19:08:43 PST 2014

It didn't work for me. The same problem still appeared
When i opened the default path, i released that there were two files
hsg1.maps.fld and (both have 0 kb). What are the functions of
two files
Please give me more ideas to resolve this issue.

On 26 February 2014 21:14, facien03 at <facien03 at> wrote:

> Hi:
> Maybe you have the files placed in another folder. I had the same problem
> when I began to use AutoDockTools.
> I made as follows
>  1. I installed ADT in the foolder asked by the program.
> 2. When I created the working files, I let the program choose where to
> keep them (IMPORTANT because ADT selects a different folder).
> 3. When the programs asks for autodock.exe (or autogrid.exe) give the
> correct path.
> 4. For the remaining files also provide the correct paths (this path in
> not normally the same path that the *.ese files).
> I hope this will be useful for you.
> Regards,
> Juan
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> Date: Feb 26, 2014 1:55
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> Subj: ADL: Error grid parameter file
> Hi
> I'm new to autodock
> I'm trying to run autodock4 with protein 1hsg following the tutorials:
> Using AutoDock 4 and AutoDock Vina with AutoDockTools: A Tutorial.
> After preparing two 'pdbqt' files for protein and receptor and a 'gpf'
> file, i couldn't start autogrid 4. This is the message:
> C:/Program Files/MGLTool-1.5.6/autogrid4.exe: Sorry, i can't find or open
> Grid Parameter File "C:/Program"
> C:/Program Files/MGLTool-1.5.6/autogrid4.exe: Unsuccessful Completion
> As far as i know, i should put all file pdbqt, gpf, autodock4.exe and
> autogrid4.exe into one folder, even in the same folder as pmv.bat file.
> Whatever way i tried,  i still received the same failure.
> Please tell me what the problems are and how to fix them.
> Thanks in advance.
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