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Oleg Trott trott at
Sat Mar 8 11:43:56 PST 2014


Judging by your error messages ("v3" and "filesystem3"), I'm guessing
you are using a version of Boost that's newer than 1.41 and includes
Boost::Filesystem v.3, which is what's causing the error.


On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 1:00 AM, Ксения Сафина < at> wrote:
>  Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to build Vina from source. I want to change some parameters in main.cpp so I need a source package.
> I've installed Boost 1.41, makedepend utility but after 'make depend' I've got a huge amount of warnings like this one:
> makedepend: warning: ../../../src/split/split.cpp, line 32: cannot find include file "boost/filesystem/exception.hpp"
> not in ../../../src/lib/boost/filesystem/exception.hpp
> I don't actually understand why exception.hpp must be in ../../../src/lib/boost/filesystem/. There isn't any subdirectories in lib, main or split directories but I have exception.hpp in /usr/local/include/boost/filesystem. Should all these files be placed into lib directory?
> After 'make' command I've got
> noraneko at noraneko-K53SJ:~/Programs/autodock_vina_1_1_2/build/linux/release$ make/usr/bin/g++ -static -pthread -ansi -Wno-long-long -O3 -DNDEBUG -I /usr/local/include/boost -I ../../../src/lib -o main.o -c ../../../src/main/main.cpp
> ../../../src/main/main.cpp: In function ‘path make_path(const string&)’:
> ../../../src/main/main.cpp:50:44: error: invalid conversion from ‘bool (*)(const string&) {aka bool (*)(const std::basic_string<char>&)}’ to ‘boost::enable_if_c<true, void>::type* {aka void*}’ [-fpermissive]
> In file included from /usr/include/boost/filesystem/v3/fstream.hpp:21:0,
> from /usr/include/boost/filesystem/fstream.hpp:31,
> from ../../../src/main/main.cpp:29:
> /usr/include/boost/filesystem/v3/path.hpp:131:5: error: initializing argument 2 of ‘boost::filesystem3::path::path(const Source&, typename boost::enable_if<boost::filesystem3::path_traits::is_pathable<typename boost::decay<Source>::type> >::type*) [with Source = std::basic_string<char>; typename boost::enable_if<boost::filesystem3::path_traits::is_pathable<typename boost::decay<Source>::type> >::type = void]’ [-fpermissive]
> ../../../src/main/main.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char**)’:
> ../../../src/main/main.cpp:664:57: error: ‘path’ has no member named ‘native_file_string’
> ../../../src/main/main.cpp:676:80: error: ‘path’ has no member named ‘native_file_string’
> make: *** [main.o] Error 1
>  There is some disagreement between paths or versions, as it seems to me. I have any experience with Boost libraries and c++ language at all so these errors are quite dark for me.
> Could you help me, please?
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