ADL: About license of Autodock Vina

李佳憲 d01945014 at
Wed Jan 7 00:26:29 PST 2015

Hi everyone:

Recently I'm developing an application which will call and run Autodock Vina executable.

(Thus, my work contains no source code from Autodock Vina)

If I can bundle Autodock Vina binary into my software binary distribution, my users may benefit.

However, I found the binary distribution of Autodock Vina for Windows on official site have different license from others (Apache license).

( , in which contains a special license )

I would like to confirm my understanding to this situation:

1. I cannot redistribute vina.exe from autodock_vina_1_1_2_win32.msi

2. However, I can compile a working vina.exe from source for Windows, then bundle the recoompiled binary with my application without any problem.

I would like to know if my statement above have any mistake.

Thanks in advance!

Chia-Hsien Lee
Student of National Taiwan University

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