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Sun Sep 27 06:08:49 PDT 2015

You can do it without changing any source codes. It runs one docking at
time but you can set all the dockings you want to do, and then leave  and
do whatever you want. You just have to modify the path on your computer and
write a batch file with the commands you want to do.

I hope you understand my poor english...

2015-09-27 7:07 GMT-05:00 farzaneh mohamadyar <f.mohamadyar at>:

> Dear members,
> I am a biologist working on drug design. I've just started to study the
> source programs of Auto Dock Vina، as I would like to use it in a research.
> I'm writing to you because I wonder if it is possible to parallelize the
> software. I mean can I change the source codes such that I could do n
> number of docking for n number of drugs at the same time.
> I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.
> Sincerely
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