ADL: Double bonds in pdbqt file?

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Tue Jan 16 15:09:49 PST 2018


The .pdbqt file format does not specify bond order, and non-polar hydrogens
are omitted. Therefore, the only difference between C=C and C-C would be a
rotatable bond.

If two carbons are aromatic (either C-C or C=C depending on the resonance
structure), they would be typed "A" instead of "C", and the bond would not
be rotatable.

Pages 27--28 of the AutoDock4.2 user guide describe how rotatable bonds are


On 16 January 2018 at 13:58, Lubberink, M. <m.lubberink at>

> I am new to molecular docking and am a little bit stuck with the
> preparation of the pdbqt ligand file.
> I posted my problem on Researchgate:
> pdbqt_file_for_docking_with_Vina_why_do_C-C_double_bonds_disappear
> Hopefully somebody can help me with this,
> Thanks in advance,
> Max
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