ADL: AutodockZN Fatal Error in dpf

Elghobashi-Meinhardt, Nadia, Dr. n.elghobashi-meinhardt at
Wed Apr 22 11:37:28 PDT 2020


I am following the steps of the Tutorial for AutodockZN

usage with the given ligand and protein files,

and everything works fine until final step in which I receive:

autodock4: FATAL ERROR: DPF> npts 40 40 40                        # num.grid points in xyz
autodock4: ERROR: Unrecognized keyword in docking parameter file.
autodock4: Unsuccessful Completion.

I have tried removing the "npts" line but still no success.

Can you please advise?

Dr. Nadia Elghobashi-Meinhardt

Biomolecular Modeling
Institute of Chemistry
Technical University Berlin
Straße 17. Juni 135

10623 Berlin

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