ADL: Unbound model cannot be specified in the paramter library file

Philip Jordache pjordache at
Sun Apr 26 17:27:36 PDT 2020


I am new to AutoDock, and recently tried using AutoDock4 following the
tutorial on the Scripps site. To test out the program, I tried using the
tutorial files provided on the site, but when running AutoDock 4.2.6 on a
high-performance computing cluster using these tutorial files I received
the following error:

module load autodock/4.2.6

./autodock4  -p ind.dpf -l ind.dlg

./autodock4: FATAL ERROR: ./autodock4: ERROR: the unbound model cannot be
specified in the parameter library file.

Use the DPF parameter 'unbound_model' instead.

./autodock4: Unsuccessful Completion.

I am unsure how to interpret this error, and there is no
'unbound_model.dpf' in the directory containing the tutorial files. And
since I am using the prepared files from the tutorial, I thought they
perhaps would not need to be modified before running the program, so I am
unsure why ind.dpf would not be usable as is. How may I troubleshoot this

I am trying to run the program on the aforementioned computing cluster
remotely via Mac's Terminal application, and my operating system is macOS
Catalina 10.15.4.

Thank you.

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