ADL: Virtual screening using autodock vina

Hiteshree Buch hiteshreebuch1996 at
Mon Apr 27 03:25:53 PDT 2020

I have been using autodock vina on windows 10 and ubuntu using vina manual. Also, in ubuntu I had run shell script for virtual screening but unfortunately in both the ways I got no results. As docking starts, it stops at the step “Performing search” (it just sticks at 0) and hence docking couldn’t proceed. I have kept it for 6-8 hours but it hasn’t even shifted from 0 to 10. 
I have tried to do protein-ligand docking and also virtual screening of one protein with 25 ligands, but at same stage it stops. What should I do?
I am attaching a screenshot of what has happened and also the shell script. 
Kindly suggest a way to get rid of this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Hiteshree Buch

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