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Mark Pohl at
Wed Dec 2 14:37:54 PST 2020

Having watched your enticing training video, I *cannot wait* to start playing with AutoDock Vina - it looks like it's going to be way more fun than Call of Duty!  I do, however, have a problem.  Two, actually.  

First, on my Windows 7 (86-bit) machine, running the program (vina.exe) opens an old-fashioned DOS window (black background with a Courier typeface command prompt), runs several lines of command, then abruptly the window closes - all within perhaps a quarter second.  It seems like the program terminates prematurely.  

Second, following your suggestion to look at your bug forum (, I receive a 404 (address not found) error.  Then following your suggestion to report a new bug (, I receive a 403 (you don't have permission to access this private page) error.   

Might you have any thoughts on how to resolve premature termination?
Might you have any thoughts on how to look at known bugs and report new ones?

MANY thanks in advance for your help!!
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