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Hi Mark,

the forum has been discontinued, we'll update any references to that soon.

About your issue, you might want to read the instructions here:

The Vina executable does not have a graphical interface, so it is probably running properly.
If you are looking for a graphical interface, take a look at the software list here:

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On 12/2/20 2:37 PM, Mark Pohl wrote:
> Having watched your enticing training video, I *cannot wait* to start playing with AutoDock Vina - it looks like it's going to be way more fun than Call of Duty!  I do, however, have a problem.  Two, actually.
> First, on my Windows 7 (86-bit) machine, running the program (vina.exe) opens an old-fashioned DOS window (black background with a Courier typeface command prompt), runs several lines of command, then abruptly the window closes - all within perhaps a quarter second.  It seems like the program terminates prematurely.
> Second, following your suggestion to look at your bug forum (, I receive a 404 (address not found) error.  Then following your suggestion to report a new bug (, I receive a 403 (you don't have permission to access this private page) error.
> Might you have any thoughts on how to resolve premature termination?
> Might you have any thoughts on how to look at known bugs and report new ones?
> MANY thanks in advance for your help!!
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