ADL: AutoDockTools / MGLTools Compatability with Mac OS 11?

Michel Sanner sanner at
Mon Dec 21 17:09:24 PST 2020

Hello François

I do like the idea however, MGLTools is a  large collection of Python packages dome developed in my lab and some developed by others, some pure Python (easy) and some with C and C++ extensions. Building a functional version of MGLtols requires a compatible set of these packages (and not all packages are using the same version on all platforms because of platform-dependent bugs in third party packages). So it is quite challenging to get to work from source.
Years ago I tried it and I ended up spending more time answering questions from people asking about how to build it than I could afford.
All source code was available under our public CVS repository. When we switched to GIT we did not go through the pain of maintaining a public version as access to our CVS server was quasi-inexistant.
I’ll be happy to put the source of the C and C++ extensions on GitHub  if there is enough interest that I feel it is worth my time. It is just more work, and work for which we get relatively few brownie points as we are mainly funded to do research.


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Vous devriez mettre le code sur github,
pour attirer des contributeurs externes.

Actuellemnt, on peut telecharger le code de Vina,
mais on dirait que c'est de "l'open-source behind closed walls".


On 22/12/2020 02:01, Michel Sanner wrote:
Dear Bret

We have been looking into this but so far do not have a working
version. Sadly, due to budgets cuts on our grants we have lost our
programmer so at the current time I have not ETA for such a port. The
only workaround I can think of is to run it in a virtual machine with
Mac OS 10.13 (high Sierra or earlier).


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Subject: ADL: AutoDockTools / MGLTools Compatability with Mac OS 11?

I was wondering when ADT / MGLTools will be updated to be
compatibility with Mac OS 11 and higher? Until then, does anybody know
of any work-arounds?



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