ADL: High Troughput Docking by AUTODOCK and/or VINA

cristina tomasella cristinatomasella90 at
Tue May 12 10:27:04 PDT 2020

To Whom it concerns:

Dear Mrs/Mr,
 the research group in which I work  is part of a network to find new potential anti-COVID 19. I have  to carry out a  docking of hundreds of compounds from a database in several possible binding sites . 
Docking each molecule alone in each binding site might be very difficolt and make confusion. Is it possible some way to speed up (docking all together of the ligands and possibly into all the binding sites) the docking calculations by AUTODOCK and AUTODOCK VINA ?
Thanks in advance for any your consideration and support .
Best regards,
Cristina Tomasella

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