ADL: Treatment of Cyclic Substances by AutoDock

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We have developed a peptide-specific docking engine called AutoDock CrankPep (ADCP in short). It is able to dock peptides cyclized thought their backbone (i.e. head-to-tail) and with up to 2 disulfide bridges between cysteine side chains starting from the peptide’s sequence, see:

You can download the software and find documentation at

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Subject: ADL: Treatment of Cyclic Substances by AutoDock

How are cyclic substances treated with respect to generation of conformers ,
by AutoDock and AutoDock Vina.  As torsional angles are limited due to the
constraints of the cyclic structure , is there an algorithm that accounts
for that?  The question is relevant to relatively small cycles but also to
cyclic peptides, of which many interesting ones are from 8-20 residues .

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