ADL: Malwarebytes and MGLTools Uninstall.exe

Edmund R Marinelli edmundmarinelli at
Mon Sep 14 20:21:34 PDT 2020


I have Malwarebytes (malware detection program).  Malwarebytes flagged the
Uninstall.exe files for several MGLTools versions as possibly problematic
based on a Heuristic algorithm.

Do you have any idea why the uninstall.exe for MGLTools different versions
would be flagged as possible malware?  

Though its not a Scripps "product" I was surprised to see that upon going to
the GalaxyDock website Malware bytes stopped access to the site indicating
possible malware there. I mention this because I am wondering if perhaps
modeling sites are being targeted by malware creators.  

Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

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